Q-net International Ltd. is a privately held enterprise committed to the creation and production of information technology and banking sector products.

The realm of business activity encompasses the entirety of the product life-cycle, spanning from distinctive design to mass production. Our organization is dedicated to the creation of systems and services that facilitate companies and institutions in their efforts to effectively manage their Customer Relationship Management. This unwavering commitment aligns with our company’s overarching objective of providing a comprehensive and unparalleled customer experience.

Q-net Accessories


A straightforward solution is available for organizing individuals in a queue without the need for a ticket. The central LCD display exhibits the subsequent accessible counter number, and in addition to its calling function, it serves as an advertising opportunity.

Notable characteristics include:

Operational Procedure:
Upon activation of the calling unit, the teller transmits their designated counter number to the LCD display. Customers are positioned in a queue in close proximity to the counters, while simultaneously observing the central LCD screen, which displays promotional content. Upon the display of the subsequent counter number, the customer may proceed to the designated calling counter.
The system has the capability to furnish rudimentary statistical information.

Q-net Basic system

The Q-net Basic queue management system does not require the use of a personal computer or the constant monitoring of a system administrator. In situations where there is only one service available or all services are provided at any of the counters, the Q-net Basic system offers an optimal and cost-effective solution for enhancing waiting times and improving the overall service experience.

Key features of the Q-net Basic system include:

Q-net Pro – Special features

The Q-net Pro system represents the optimal solution for effectively managing a complex customer turnover, particularly for high-level requirements. It is expected to meet certain standards, such as ease of comprehension of its settings, straightforward configuration through its logical structure, reliability in both hardware and software components, comprehensive inclusion of all necessary features, and responsiveness to client inquiries.

The system’s most significant features include:

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