We provide a comprehensive selection of network cameras, encompassing durable outdoor cameras as well as inconspicuous options suitable for delicate environments. Our offerings include fixed cameras, domes, PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom), thermal, and panoramic cameras.

Explosion Proof Camera

Bullet Network Camera

Fixed network cameras are appropriate for surveillance in stationary locations, such as entrances, hallways, or loading docks. Once installed, these cameras maintain a fixed viewing position and can be utilized both indoors and outdoors.


Fixed Dome Network Camera

Fixed dome cameras possess a stationary viewing orientation, enclosed within an inconspicuous dome housing, thereby providing safeguard against any attempts of redirection or refocusing.

The unobtrusive nature of these models renders them highly appropriate for implementation in settings that demand sophistication and subtlety, such as upscale retail establishments, financial institutions, and hospitality establishments. Our range encompasses the most diminutive dome camera currently available in the market.


PTZ Network Camera

PTZ dome network cameras are ideal for expansive area coverage, as they provide pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities, along with exceptional detail when zooming in. These cameras are equipped with a diverse range of features, including guard tour, audio, input/output ports for external alarm devices, and auto tracking.


Panoramic Camera

Panoramic cameras are highly suitable for deployment in expansive spaces, such as airports, large retail outlets, schools, and hotels. These cameras provide an extensive 360° field of view, enabling comprehensive surveillance. Additionally, they offer various viewing modes, including a 180° panorama and optical zoom functionality, facilitating detailed observations and monitoring across multiple directions.


Modular cameras

Are you in need of accommodating a camera within a confined area? Perhaps within an ATM machine, at a supermarket exit, or on-board vehicles, for instance? Alternatively, are you seeking to install multiple cameras in close proximity to one another, while also aiming to economize? In either scenario, modular cameras present themselves as an exceptional solution.


Thermal cameras

Thermal cameras exhibit superior performance compared to visual cameras in low-light environments and serve as an exceptional tool for the detection of individuals and objects in round-the-clock surveillance, spanning from completely dark regions to brightly illuminated parking lots.


Explosion-protected cameras

Explosion-proof cameras are meticulously certified and engineered to be operational in any global setting, spanning from frigid arctic regions to scorching desert climates, and across all nations, offering comprehensive power and network connectivity options. Crafted from durable stainless steel or thick aluminum, these resilient and superior cameras are securely encased within heavy-duty housings, effectively averting the ignition of vapors, gases, dust, or fibers, and preventing their dispersion into the surroundings.


Onboard cameras

Mobile surveillance presents a distinctive array of demands and obstacles, encompassing restricted physical capacity, pronounced shock and vibration, swiftly changing lighting circumstances, limited storage capacity, and additional factors. Consequently, Axis onboard cameras have been meticulously designed to surpass these challenges and fulfill even more stringent requirements.


Specialty cameras

Are you in search of a network video solution that caters to unique needs and scenarios beyond the capabilities of standard network cameras? For instance, an unobtrusive and sophisticated camera for surveillance in elevators or security areas such as psychiatric wards or correctional facilities.


Positioning cameras

In order to achieve unimpeded views in all directions, the utilization of positioning cameras is recommended. These cameras, when affixed to walls, poles, or columns, offer an expansive field-of-view encompassing a panoramic angle of 360° horizontally and a vertical range from ground level to the sky of 135°.


Canon network cameras

Canon’s range of network cameras provides exceptional image quality, advanced PTZ functionality, and features such as comprehensive I/O and audio support, along with integrated video analytics.



We are capable of providing assistance in the realm of security and surveillance site design, as well as offering recommendations for the most suitable physical security products, software, and hardware, tailored to meet your precise monitoring requirements.

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