2N access control system

2n Access Control System

2N provides an extensive selection of IP intercom systems, audio systems, and access control systems. Secure Lattice FZC is a distributor of 2N physical security products in the Middle East. We offer expert guidance in security and surveillance site design and recommend top-tier physical security solutions utilizing technology from leading companies in the industry.

2N is a prominent European enterprise that specializes in the research, development, and production of products in the realm of information and communication technology and physical security. We take great pride in being a distinguished distributor of premium 2N access control systems in the Middle East, which includes access control and an extensive array of accessories. Our unique IP access control system was designed to provide you with numerous benefits, such as cost savings, time efficiency, and hassle-free administration.

2N Products

IP Intercom

Man Accessing IP Control

IP Access control

IP Audio System

IP Audio System

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